Look Forward

Daily Climate Actions (February 26th-March 7rd)

This last little while has been bumpy, but I’m still making progress.

My first instinct in getting started with CCL was to spend some time learning before getting involved in lobbying, but it ended up being more helpful to try stuff and find out where my knowledge gaps were from there. I tend to have a bias for action, and I guess this is playing to my strengths.

  • Feb 26: I wrote a letter to the editor to the National Post in response to this article. It took 14 minutes from idea to submission.
  • Mar 2: Asked a couple of fellow CCLers for advice on how to set up a meeting with MP, and got some very helpful replies in return.
  • Mar 4: Called city councillor to inquire about support for this motion.
  • Mar 5: Wrote an email to the MP of my riding to request a meeting.
  • Mar 6: Wrote a letter to the editor in response to this article in the National Post.
  • Mar 7: Spent 20 minutes reading CCL Canada’s laser talks, specifically this guide on carbon fees and divdends.