Look Forward

Daily Climate Actions (February 11th-18th)

Here are the last seven days of action.

  • Feb 11: Read sections 5 and 6 of Climate Change Science Basics. Section 5 was especially informative.
  • Feb 12: Wrote my first letter to the editor! It was in response to this article.
  • Feb 13: Joined the monthly CCL Global + CCL Toronto planning meeting. Volunteered to set up a meeting with MP in Davenport riding.
  • Feb 14: Learned how to report actions on CCL Community. Submitted recent actions. Tweeted about cool this is!
  • Feb 15: Read this report proposal to phase out Canada’s gas plants and tweeted it.
  • Feb 16: Wrote an email to Councillor Ana Bailão about adjusting the city budget to put delayed climate actions back on the budget (being considered February 18th.) This was a nudge from ClimateFast.
  • Feb 17: Joined a 1-hour Climate Advocate Training by Citizen’s Climate Lobby. It was a very helpful presentation; especially helpful was the nudge towards the CCL laser talks which provide concise, well-researched summaries on climate change “hot topics” that are likely to come up in conversation.